Waterford Hills

Race 6 Photos

Oct. 3-4th 2009

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Photos by Merritt Collins

Co-driver qualifying grid - this is as close as they got!   Weather forecast: mixed downpours and bright sun!
Doug Spencer's crewmember Rodney works on Doug's exhaust, which failed the same way Chris's failed. Observe the heavy skies in the background... Final choice on setup
What's the weather look like now??    
Waiting for our turn... Yes, we out-qualified THAT Time to saddle up
  Erik prepares for the start Taking the green from pole in the Co-driver race Saturday afternoon.
And away we go! Two laps later... Chris prepares to fix his exhaust
  And that is how we do THAT!  
Roger shows his overwhelming enthusiasm   Babylon
If you ain't fast, yer gonna need THESE Crew chiefs discuss strategy A bright sunny day... for now!
  Crewmember Greg Luckinbill's home-built custom VW beasty Check out his website, www.luckinbillmadeit.com for more detail.
Heading out for a victory lap...   Survived her rookie season!
    This weekend we celebrated a birthday, a Championship, and a wedding anniversary!
Our winner does the honors I T Bees! (well, wasps actually...) another great result sheet
The traditional PUB Racing season-end toast Drivers and Crew Chiefs The 2009 PUB Racing drivers
The taste of VICTORY! Just as satisfying as winning a Championship - peeling off the Rookie triangle! Chris celebrates his first weekend clean sweep.