Waterford Hills

Race 3 Photos

June 27-28th 2009

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Photos by Merritt Collins

Our neighbors, Tom Wallace in a GT1 Buick - very sticky tires!! Babylon lounging in the shade Vaughan climbs in for Co-Driver Qualifying
  You must be THIS TALL to crew on this car!  
Chris once again at the front of the grid for ITB, splitting the two ITS 944's   Off with a good start for Saturday's Class Race
  Another race day, another win! Bill Wise, friend and fellow 944 guy, takes his first checker!
  Vaughan on pole for the Co-Driver race  
Co-Driver race green flag ...and checker! Erik climbs in for a victory lap
  Checking for an exhaust rattle - turns out we blew out a muffler - after 8 years! Bill takes his second checker
Merritt gridded smart - in the shade! Chris again on the ITB pole  
  ITB grid gets ready to go  
Chris at the start of the Sunday Class Race Merritt a little further back Merritt chasing Tom Forst around
Todd climbs in for a checker lap with Chris   Merritt pulls in after another great race
    Our cozy little paddock
  Tom wins his SPU race! First win!!  
Billy Bob Gephardt, MC for the trophy presentations (and trophy girl procurer) Bill Wise Chris Marsh
Vaughan Dave Houser Tom Forst