Waterford Hills

Race 2 Photos

June 6-7th 2009

Home Up

This was a very exciting race weekend. Merritt was running her first full race weekend as a rookie, with the regular drivers, and we had spent many hours overhauling Chris Marsh's #55 car from top to bottom to get it up to snuff and prepped for the weekend. The major improvement was a new, fully-built race motor from Mazuro Motors; we also installed a replacement torque tube and re-balanced and re-aligned the racecar, with extra help from John Horgas (thanks John!!!) and crewmember Erik Orhnberger. We basically had to take the car completely apart and reassemble. A test session on Friday proved the effort was worth it, with Chris quickly dropping 2 seconds off of his previous best time. The race weekend proved that out, with two solid 2nd place finishes and a win in the Feature - Chris's first ever! Congratulations, Chris and the 4M Racing team!!!

Photos by Merritt Collins and Bubba Photo Opts

#55 completely disassembled for overhaul - engine out, rear suspension to the left, torque tube and transmission behind the car! The new engine from Mazuro Motors Clean, shiny, fast parts!!!
Team chilling out between sessions Merritt ready on grid for her first REAL race! Time to play!
Chris gridded 2nd in ITB for the Saturday race Angela, Chris's crew chief Chris in the midst of the combined ITS/ITB pack, coming around to take the green
Merritt in the pack heading up the hill Merritt playing with her old favorite car, the Fajita! (photo by Bubba Photo Opts) Saturday race results - Chris holds on to 2nd
  Merritt makes a big show of returning to Turn 6 her gravel from Driver's School  
  Sunday morning race results Sunday morning race results - more gravel in the car to vacuum out!
Merritt again got too aggressive trying to pass in Turn 6 Gregg where he's happiest, under a racecar Merritt supervising
Grid for the Sunday feature race - Chris on ITB pole in #55! Feature race grid  
It's nice to start with all those guys behind you! Merritt taking up position and final grid checks Too many things to plug in!
  Chris on the pace lap Merritt on the pace lap, about to play with a Mustang
Chris wins his first race! Car is dumping water now! Penalty at Waterford for winning your first race - all the workers and fans douse you with water!  
This is gonna take a while to dry out... Chris is suddenly glad he doesn't have any more races this weekend! The victorious team!
Good job, kids! Official results Jiffy, a good friend and cornerworker, congratulates Chris at the trophy presentation... with a cup of more ice-cold water down the back!
George Mazuro, our engine builder, celebrating with Chris Success! Took a lot of hard work and long hours, but it's always worth it!!! Merritt's so worn out after a full weekend, she can't remember what season it is! Go Wings!!!