Road Atlanta

ARRC Photos

Nov 7-8th 2008

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Thanks to our sponsors, 4M Industries and Munk's Motors, and to our crew, Gregg Grooters, Greg Luckinbill, and Merritt Collins, for a very successsful weekend! We were very competitive all weekend, qualified 3rd, ran as high as 2nd despite suffering heavy damage from an unfortunate accident with a Volvo on lap 4 of the 20-lap race, yet soldiered on to retain 3rd and finish on the podium! Great job, guys!

Photos by Merritt Collins

SpecMiataville... no shortage of Spec Miatas at this race! Lined up first on grid early in the morning for the first Qual session Discussing the field
Vern Roberts of Southern Motors also made the trip down from Wateford Hills for the ARRC We were glad we didn't bring the dog. Where do I sit to steer?
Entering 10a/b - in the rental car! Merritt prepares to take on the curbs in 10b Pit lane entry - very steep hill!
10a/b from trackside - PLN billboard is a tribute to Paul Newman, who won many big races here at Atlanta This guy tried to stow away in our gear!  
Some of the local colour! More stickers = faster!  
  Grid early Say AM for the race - lined up in 3rd spot on the grid Peter Kean, of the Keane brothers.
Time to get ready! The view from the pace car looking back on the grid Arriving at the Winner's Circle - Aaron Stehly hurries up to shake hands after a great race.
A closer view of the damage The best part of the day! Deuce Kean in 1st, Aaron Stehly in 2nd, Vaughan Scott in 3rd.
And now to Tech for Impound   Tearing the engine apart for compliance checks
  Gregg Grooters and Greg Luckinbill hard at work, pulling intake and exhaust manifolds  
Still pretty warm on that header!   The damage towards the rear of the car
    Atlanta takes their recycling seriously!
Very seriously! The 2008 4M Industries/Munk's Motors/PUB Racing ARRC crew (l to r) - Greg Luckinbill, Gregg Grooters, Merritt Collins, and Vaughan Scott Another view of the damage
  The Shag-Edition Mazda RX-4!  
This door didn't want to open after the impact, and once opened wouldn't close One last photo op. Time to begin the long drive home!