Mid-Ohio Race Course

IT-Spectacular Photos

Aug 11-12th 2007

Home Up

Photos by Merritt Collins and Todd Quenneville

Heading to Ohio The Famous Flagin' Waaon Setting up shop
Our home away from home Why you need to carry a flashlight to the loo
 - to kill the bugs with!
Getting the cars ready Sat AM
  The donut wagon makes his rounds Plotting and scheming
  Tied down and ready to go Towing Doug around for a recon lap
That didn't last long! Gregg fixes a loose plug wire Back up to speed
One of the Audi Coupes pits Taking the tire temps Some like to jazz it up a little!
Mid-O is in the middle of cornfields.
Big cornfields.
Bob met the concrete in his first race  
  Heading into Madness Pushing through the Keyhole
Missing one 924 Oh, there he is - fuel pump switch died Brent picks up the pace
Doug isn't far behind - but later drops
out himself with a torn header
There were some other neat toys there  
The Ferrari guys showed up en masse   The Lambo guys were not to be outdone
Mid-O is actually a very pretty track The repairs commence Pull harder!!!
How NOT to use a Porta-Power Bounce! Recovering from a rough first day
When you're stuck away from home,
you do whatever you have to in order
to keep the car running
Todd celebrates his successful header repair Can I lick the windows now?
Nummy! I like pudding! Back to working over the Nissan The girls leave the scene of carnage
I'm stuck - somebody hand me my beer? Careful and 3-lb mallet are not words
that go well together.
At least we're not beating on this one too
  Merritt makes sure we won't starve! Tasty AND healthy!
  Pretty end to a rough day But the party's just getting started!
  Roger shows us his preferred method
for waxing Doug's car
Roger survived the night and gets
Bob's car ready
Yes, this IS the After photo! Prepping 77 Time to get ready!
Merritt refuses to leave the finer things
in life by the wayside
Bob's back on track Sunday AM Bob coming through Madness
Charging into Thunder Valley James Walker's old ITA car,
now driven by Jeff Lawton
Puttin' the foil on
Our new friends at HIPPI Racing Looking up at these guys while on track,
they look like the peanut gallery!
The ITB field lines up for the start
Leading a pack through Thunder Valley Excitement in the pit lane as an ITB CRX
pops a motor and makes a mess.
Leading Dave Gran through Turn 1
Gran looking for an opening
to take back 2nd
Post race chit-chat with one of the Blethens Doug and Vaughan react to the results
from the qualifying race
Sunday PM pace lap Getting a nose up on Brent at the start Doug chasing Brent for the lead
They finished in close order,
even after 22 laps
At impound Final Sunday results