Road Atlanta

ARRC Photos

Nov 8-10th 2007

Home Up

Photos by Merritt Collins, Ken Scott, and jmark of the IT forums

    Our cozy little camp
    Hoosier tire rig - these guys changed hundreds of tires!
Grid for the 1st qual session   They had a few Miatas there...
The famous Esses of Road Atlanta!    
  Joel Hershoren and Doug Spencer Shiny new wheels and tires, courtesy of our sponsor 4M Industries!
Getting the best advice on the Hoosiers Discussing strategy with Doug Gridded up for the big show!
  The 4M Industries car! You ready for this?

Nope. - Me neither

  One last good luck wish... The Pace Lap
First lap part 1 First lap part 2 First lap part 3
First lap part 4 2nd lap?  
Being chased by Chris Albin into Turn 1 Working up through the Esses with Doug Coming down the hill to the front straight
2 laps to go on the front straight Reporting to Impound Light contact from the #66 car
Discussing lapping technique We'll be back for one of these next time! A good end to a long day!
  Final Sunday results